A playground for creative exploration.

After having my first class on probability in high-school, I spent like 2 hours the same weekend writing an experiment on tossing a coin.

I found it very fun to write that experiment, analyse the results and build a strong intuition as to what probability is essentially all about. This helped me gain confidence and succeed in all my probability tests with outstanding results.

A few other ones include a digital lock while learning combinatorics and what scale while learning about state machines (and procrastinating on my physics assignments), among many others I never shared.

Creating these experiments helped me learn better but I still wished I had a playground where I could quickly play with my ideas instead of writing everything from the ground up all the time.

Here comes Doodle 🧪

You can think of Doodle as a virtual computer or an engine that serves a playground for you to experiment with your ideas.

Doodle aims to be extensible, approachable and playful.


Here's a demo from the early developments of Doodle from 2022.

(very buggy and inaccurate)

Originally implemented in C/C++
Screenshot from early 2023: you could draw, move items, plot stuff


Development has been sleeping for a while now. But the application has been completely changed and is being re-written from the ground up.

When is a public test planned?

I plan to start sharing a closed test version of the new implementation some time in 2024.